Get alot of coins using cheat engine

First, you download cheat engine 5.3 and open up club penguin. then you log in to cp and open the map. go to the dock. play the game hydro hopper. beat the first level and then times your score by 8. when you finishished click on the box that has a red and green glow. look for the internet explore your on. (yahoo, msn,internet explore. etc) OK then type in the sum of the times 8 you did before.then click first scan. then do the second level and times that score by 8. put the answer in the box where you put you put the first one and click next scan. there should be 1 row in the box on the left. add that to the box on the bottom and click the value 2 times. type in this number (you must or you will be banned) 100000. then play the 3rd level and crash 3 times. You get at least 1k.



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